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1 week ago
Pearson Ecological

Strawberry Island in Fraser River across from Dewdney Boat launch.
The landowner has started building a 4.2 km private dike around a wetland that floods every year to build a cranberry farm. This will involve importing over 18,000 dump truck loads of fill.
Their 'upgraded' access road blocks Strawberry Slough and is currently an eroding mess.

We sampled the wetland this week in the area they plan to dike. Our data indicate that there are at least 30,000 baby Chinook, Sockeye and Chum feeding in the 85 acres now under water. The wetland is dry most of the year, but during freshet provides calm, shallow rearing habitat for them, while the main channel rages with floodwater. The dike will eliminate all of it.

If completed this will be the largest single loss of fish habitat in the lower Fraser since the 1950s when most of our dikes were built.
Incredibly, DFO does not consider the wetland to be fish habitat at all, and has no objections to this travesty.

The forest in the background is the Bert Brink Wildlife Management Area, protected for its high habitat value for fish and wildlife. The Province should buy the rest of Strawberry Island and add it to the WMA.
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To me it seems DFO is a big part of the problem in the collapse of west coast salmon. Cant say much good about the land owner either.

I sent the following to every government official and agency months ago with no result. I’m glad to see something is finally happening. Hello My name is Tyson Gordon, and I am a resident of Thompson rd. Deroche BC Canada. There is a 241-acre parcel ( PID 019-138-041) of land at the end of our street that is located on the outside of the dyke to the Fraser river. As this land is located in the ALR, a permit was acquired from the ALC for a fill site. The application number for this fill site is 61963. I am contacting you today because I believe that this fill site is a huge Environmental concern. As the property in question is located on the outside of the dyke it is only above water 7 -8 months of the year. I do not understand how it is allowed for foreign soil that is not inspected at the dump site itself to be introduced into the Fraser river. As said above the parcel is underwater for 3 - 4 months a year with the rising water of the Fraser river. As for the dyke, I would like clarification as to the thought of allowing 50-100 plus Truck and transfers weighing (legally ) 60,100 kg each over the dyke every day. I do not think I need to describe what happens when a diking system such as Sumas BCs for example is compromised. The creeks and waterways of this land are fish bearing, now with many culverts in their way. The residents of this community deserve answers as to why their peaceful country dead end road has been allowed to turn into an industrial disaster. I have contacted every agency attached to this email , with no clarification or clear answers being given. If you are able to put me in direct contact with someone who is able to give me insight, please do. Thank you for your time

Tried to convince my dfo colleagues to not allow diking of seasonally flooded lands on west side of Nathan Creek, many years ago. Took pictures of the seal that fished in those flooded fields for two months that summer. Today they all have perimeter dikes and support cranberries. This gray area in law needs deeper discussion as we lose this important seasonal salmon habitat along the Fraser floodplain. Maybe it is now the time for things to change.

Just imagine all the industrial strength pesticides they would be spraying on the plants along with fertilizers seeping into dirt and eventually going into the river.

Everyone says theres no money in farming but they're gonna truck 18 THOUSAND dump truck loads to start a fuxking cranberry farm.

WTF there’s got to be a better way!

Thank you for doing this important work

Is there anything that can be done at this point?

Any petition against this, or some other way of voicing concern?

A recent survey of the Bert Brink wetlands came up with nothing but invasive species

Scott Susin

Global News

Marvin Rosenau have you seen this?


What am I misunderstanding here? The dyke built to high? Or??

Jeez, now that just retarded

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