SPECIES ID / Amphibians

Frogs and Toads (Anurans)

Northern Pacific Treefrog


Pseudacris regilla

Identification Tips:

• Colour highly variable; commonly bright green or medium brown, but also bronze, gray, reddish or tan
• Distinct black eye mask extending from tip of snout to shoulder
• Suction cup on end of each toe

Egg Masses
• Soft, loose mass of 10- 80 eggs
• In water less than 50 cm deep attached to vegetation or objects

Conservation Status:

British ColumbiaCanadaNatureserve
COSEWICSpecies at Risk Act
Not at Risk (Yellow List)Not AssessedNoneG5, S5

Life History:

• Live on land except in breeding season
• Able to change colour to match surroundings
• Inactive during freezing temperatures or drought
• Distinctive loud call; krek-ek


• Found in a wide variety of habitats including forest, woodland, farmland, and grassland.
• May climb high into trees and move far from water
• Breed in shallow waters of ponds, wetlands, lakes ditches and slow moving streams.
• Sea level to over 3,500 m elevation
• Adults eat a wide variety of invertebrates
• Tadpoles eat algae, plankton, bottom detritus and pollen


British Columbia
• Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley and interior BC south of Prince George and east of Fraser River
• Introduced to Haida Gwaii

• From southern British Columbia to Baja California (Mexico) and East to Montana, Idaho and Nevada


• May be heard calling from early spring until late fall in Fraser Valley

Primary Information Sources:
 Efauna BC: http://ibis.geog.ubc.ca/biodiversity/efauna/
 BC Conservation Data Centre: http://a100.gov.bc.ca/pub/eswp/