• 1 genus and 24 species in North America

Phylum: Arthopoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Megaloptera
Family: Sialidae

Identification Tips:

• Body length 10-25 mm
• 7 pair of stout, flexible, segmented, pointed filaments protrude from abdominal segments
• Single long tapering filament fringed with fine hairs extends from tip of abdomen like a tail
• Sturdy, toothed jaws at front of head
• Head and thorax (segments with legs) are hardened, but abdomen is soft

Life History:

• Burrowers that occur in all types and sizes of freshwater habitats
• Rarely found in flowing water, in rivers they will be limited to pools or eddies
• Most are found in areas soft bottom where there is a lot of organic matter, but some species live in sand
• Predatory on smaller invertebrates

Flying insects
Females lay eggs on undersides of leaves or twigs overhanging water

Very Sensitive Somewhat Sensitive Facultative Somewhat Tolerant Very Tolerant
    Most Some Some

Primary Information Source:
Voshell, J. Reese. 2002. A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America. McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company. Blacksburg, Virginia.