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Filemaker Go Templates

Author/Source: Pearson Ecological
  • We have developed Filemaker Go Templates to collect data. They are usable in a free app for iPad called ‘Filemaker Go’.
  • These blank files can be downloaded and used with the Filemaker Go by anyone to collect data
  • Modifying the templates, however, requires the use of Filemaker Pro – a computer program that is not free.
  • There are 8 template files in the compressed zip file:
    • Vegetation Plots.fmp12
    • Trapping Form.fmp12
    • Topo Survey.fmp12
    • StreamKeepers Invert Survey.fmp12
    • Spawner Survey.fmp12
    • OSF 2017 HSI Data Form.fmp12
    • Mussel Data Collection.fmp12
    • Elevation Transect Form.fmp12